What is a contactless card?

A contactless card is a faster way to pay, through our “Touch & Pay” option which is available on your MCB VISA Debit card. For purchases below USD 13, simply Touch & Pay while for those above USD 13, simply swipe your card or insert it in the Point of Sale (POS) terminal and enter your PIN code to validate your payment.

You are able to pay a cumulative amount of up USD 26, or a maximum of 2 consecutive contactless transactions. The maximum value per contactless transaction through Touch & Pay is USD 13 locally and USD 26 abroad.

The contactless transaction counter is reset immediately after an approved PIN transaction is effected.

Is the contactless card safe?

You are in control. Make sure that your contactless card never leaves your hand when you make a contactless payment. The cashier at a retail store will need to enable a contactless payment so you don’t have to worry about making accidental contactless payments with your card. A unique encrypted security code is generated for each contactless payment, and the code cannot be reused to make another payment with that card.

Can any application read the card data of a contactless card?

The said application will only be able to read data which is already displayed on your card, that is: the card number and expiry date. Any other information is encrypted.

What if my contactless card is lost or stolen?

Immediately contact our Customer Service on + 960 330 5656 (lines are open 24/7) or visit your nearest branch to have the card blocked and request for a replacement one.

How do I know if a retailer accepts my MCB VISA Debit contactless card?

Look for the contactless symbol on the merchant’s point of sale (POS) terminal. If this symbol is present, it means that the terminal is enabled for contactless transactions and you can use Touch & Pay to make a payment. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the merchant if contactless payments are accepted.

Can the Touch & Pay feature be removed from my MCB VISA Debit card?

The contactless feature is embedded on all MCB VISA Debit cards. If you do not wish to use Touch & Pay to settle your payments, you can still insert your card and PIN code on the merchant’s terminal, to make and validate payments.

Can I use my contactless card at any POS device when I am abroad?

You can use your VISA contactless card at any contactless-enabled POS device worldwide. Abroad, the total daily limit for transactions amounts to USD 52. The maximum value per contactless transaction done abroad will also be subject to the limit prevailing in the country where the transaction is carried out.

Can I use my card at retailers that don’t have contactless terminals?

Yes. Simply insert your card and enter your PIN code.

How do I know when a contactless payment has been made?

You will hear a ‘beep’ and see the terminal light up. A message will also be displayed, confirming that your transaction has been successful.

Can I continue to use a PIN code for transactions under USD 13?

Yes. If you prefer so, you can use your MCB VISA Debit contactless card the traditional way. Simply insert the card into the point of sale (POS) terminal and enter your PIN code.

How will Touch & Pay/contactless transactions appear on my account statement?

Purchases made with Touch & Pay will be displayed on the statement just like any other purchase made with your card.

How far from the point of sale (POS) machine should I hold the card for a contactless transaction?

Contactless cards and machines do not work beyond a distance of 4-5 centimetre (depending on the POS model). In any case, the card should be removed from your wallet to be used.

Can I accidentally be charged for a contactless transaction just by walking past a contactless terminal?

No. Contactless machines and cards have a limited range. Your card needs to be within 4-5 centimetre from the machine to be read.

What if I touch the terminal twice with my card? Will I be charged twice?

No. Even if the card touches the terminal more than once, you will be billed for a unique purchase.

Do I have to treat my contactless card in any special way?

Treat your contactless card as you would treat any other credit or debit card. Always know where your card is and keep it in a safe place. Check often to make sure none of your cards are missing and be sure to keep a record of all your card numbers and expiry dates. Also keep emergency phone numbers handy.

How do I activate the contactless functionality on my card?

The Touch & Pay contactless feature is automatically activated.

What is the reset frequency for the contactless limit?

Your contactless limit will be reset on a daily basis. On the other hand, the contactless transaction counter is reset each time a PIN transaction is approved.

Is it necessary to reload funds for the contactless features?

No, there is no need to load any funds onto the contactless card. The funds will be used from the available balance on your account.