Service Notification

18 Mar 2022

Public Announcement

Referring to the bid bearing reference No: MCB/AUCTION/2022/32, relating to Vessel Randhi (Registration Number: P3159A-03 10-I), The Mauritius Commercial Bank (Maldives) Private Limited (The Bank) is pleased to invite potential bidders for counter bids offers starting from MVR300,100/-  to compete with the highest bid secured to now.  All interested parties are invited to submit the bid offers by latest 24th March 2022 (2:30PM), and the price shall not be lower than the price quoted on this announcement. Please note that the bid application is available on the Sale Notice; Ref No: MCB/AUCTION/2021/32, Annex-1, which is published on our website.
17th March 2022
17 May 2022

Upgrade of the MCB Maldives authentication platform for online transactions as from 18th May 2022

Dear Valued Customer,
Please note that the MCB Maldives authentication platform for online transactions, with your MCB Visa debit cards, at secured merchants, will be upgraded from 18th May 2022.
Following the upgrade, the steps involved when you shop online with your card, will slightly change as per below:
1) Enter your Visa debit card details at the payment stage
A one-time password (OTP) will then be sent to your mobile number or email address registered with us
2) Enter the OTP
3) Enter your user ID for identification (without any leading zeroes)
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