Visa Classic Debit Card

Access your money wherever you go. Whether you are in Maldives or abroad, your Visa Classic Debit Card is a convenient substitute for cash.

Instant benefits

  • Withdraw cash from any ATM bearing the Visa logo anywhere in the world
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit: USD 300 or equivalent
  • Shop with peace of mind: look for merchants displaying the Visa logo, swipe your card and you're done
  • Touch & Pay for simple, fast & secure payments
  • Stay safe: no need to carry cash around as your card gives you direct access to your money
  • Spend as much as you want: no spending limits except the amount available in your account

Extra protection when you shop online

When you check out online, you will be directed to a Verified by Visa screen featuring the MCB logo in order to complete your payment

Enter your User ID (your MCB customer number) and you will automatically receive a code on your mobile. Enter the code online and you’re done!

Verified by Visa not only protects your card against unauthorised use, it also means you can have confidence that the online retailer you're buying from has made your security a priority.