Visa Prepaid cards

Visa Prepaid cards put the world at your fingertips whether you are travelling, studying overseas or shopping online.

Access prepaid card interface

You don’t even need a bank account to get this reloadable card. Experience complete freedom and make the most of your invaluable time. You don’t need to find time to queue up at Forex counters or to money changers. And even better; to use the Visa Prepaid cards, you don’t need to be an MCB customer.

Reload and go!

It's easy to get a MCB Visa Prepaid Cards experience. You simply need to do the following:

  • Walk in at MCB Maldives
  • Fill an application form 
  • Submit your National Identity Card/passport and proof of address 
  • Walk out with your card loaded with your required amount and currency 
  • Reload your card at your convenience at MCB Maldives.

Cruise control

Visa Prepaid cards allow you to monitor your expenses closely and your available balance in different ways, as follows:

  • At any ATM displaying the Visa logo in Maldives and anywhere else in the world 
  • Through the secure “Prepaid Card” interface - Get a thorough insight into all your transaction details or deactivate your card when it is not in use

Ideal travel companion

Visa Prepaid cards are accepted globally and are the perfect fit for your travels:

  • A safer, smarter alternative than carrying cash 
  • A smart time-saver as they spare you from the hustle and bustle of queuing up at money changers, change counters or check for counterfeit notes 
  • A PIN code to authorise your transactions

Smarter online shopping

MCB VISA Prepaid cards simplify your online shopping experience:

  • Set a budget for your online shopping 
  • Use the same currency as your favourite online stores 
  • Enjoy a safer online experience with a free registration to MCB Secure